Monday, 24 September 2018

Alive at Midday

Amidst startling bursts of floral colour, and in spite of the white heat, dozens of finches, some dull, brown bird, parakeets and squawking myna birds flit about with vigour. It’s midday and they are so alive.

The scene is gaudy. Hot pink, aquamarine and scarlet. In a surprise swoop, the dullest birds opens its wings and skims the blue water, revealing a myriad of turquoise and green tones on its underside.

Somewhere, the laughing dove mocks my wonder.

Ordered patterns elsewhere counteract the assault – the base layer for some intricate drawing. Spirals, patterns, dimensions within dimensions - impossible constructions.

I disturb a lizard. Its camouflage is too good to be real, and I expect it to dive back into a two-dimensional plane.

There’s a dark, shady section of this scene where the other-worldly creatures lurk. I daren’t peer behind the thick green leaves. I’m not one to take fright but it’s the just that these skulking things have a habit of shifting and shaping just to startle you.

Its time to step quietly inside and leave the grotesque to rule.

Inspired by the work of M.C. Escher.

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